Off the Beaten Path Morgan Wade

Loretta Lynn.. Pasty Cline.. Dolly Parton.., those names instantly bring to mind unforgettable songs and incredible voices that have stood the test of time. Make no mistake about it when I say that one day soon that list will include another name: Morgan Wade.

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Nica Rustica

Released in 2013, the Nica Rustica El Brujito by Drew Estate is a tribute to Esteli (Nicaragua), its people, and the leaf that is grown there. Jonathan Drew of Drew Estates calls it ‘El Brujito’, meaning ‘Witch Doctor’ or to the locals of Esteli, ‘The Shaman’. Witch doctors are deep in the history of Esteli and in ancient times used tobacco in healing and ceremonial rituals. This is why every box of the Nica Rustica El Brujito has the symbol of The Shaman on the lid.

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