The Green Dragon Speakeasy

Welcome to the February edition of NGCS’ Home Builds. This month we are traveling all the way to Portland, Oregon to visit Jesse Guerrero’s home lounge, creatively named; The Green Dragon Speakeasy. Jesse is a fan of The NGCS and has been active on the Facebook group for sometime. When we at NGCS seen Jesse posting pictures of his gorgeous lounge we knew it needed it’s own special feature right here in The Official Online Magazine! Below, Jesse will walk you through ‘The Green Dragon Speakeasy’:

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Smokin’ Celebrity Review Al Pacino

The inimitable swagger. The boisterous, explosive dialogue. The ubiquitous cigar that became an extension of himself and his personality. These are the hallmark traits of Al Pacino, the legendary actor who will be forever revered for his impassioned and nuanced roles. Off-screen, his passion for smoking Cuban cigars is equally legendary.

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