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    I love a great stout or porter with my cigar sometimes. I usually stick to scotch but I like to switch it up from time to time. The oiliness of a good stick cuts the bitterness of a good stout.

    KJ Rich

    I drink a few beers with my cigars. Im not closed off to any form of beverage. I try to pair it best I can and of course whats in the house. I do prefer a glass of whiskey or scotch but I’m not miss out on a nice stick because my cabinet is empty.


    Tony Melson

    After a few hours of taking care of the lawn & landscaping, I cool down with a beer and a yard gar. Premium sticks are reserved for bourbon and relaxing evenings with the wifey and BOTL/SOTL.


    I have tried…but it’s just not appealing to my tastebuds. I prefer rum.

    Andrew Browning

    Yes, it all depends on the stick. I do scrap metal in the garage and breaking down things I often have a cheap beer, PBR, and a daily stick, nothing fancy. But rum and a good Montecristo forbthe evening by the firepit.

    Kevin Garsaud

    Just depends on the mood I am at the moment. Any beverage with a cigar is a plus for me. Love a nice morning coffee with a stick. Beer is usually a quick stick doing some sort of work outside.

    Trevor Gloeckler

    I always pair a stick with a beer and some Bourbon or Scotch .

    Phil Tumminia

    I have more beer and cigars during summer months and bourbon in cool months


    I like to pair Dos Equis when smoking. But, to each it’s own.

    When it comes to alcohol now, hard liquor triggers bad migraines for me. I really can’t drink hard, like say 5 years ago.

    Shawn Lathrop

    Personally I prefer Guinness Draught Stout with my cigars. It’s a smooth but tasty stout that I find enhances the flavor of the cigar while the cigar does the same for the beer.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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