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Miss Smokin’ November

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Hey Hey. I’m Brandon Oliver. Serial bottle hunter and opener. Good time creator and memory maker. My love of spirits and cigars started a little later in life for me. I remember visiting my grandparents as a young fella and my grandfather pouring himself a tall glass of brown liquid out of what I thought was a statue of a Turkey. I was given that old decanter later on. It was long empty but smelled amazing still. I was studying for a certification exam in 2012. I thought….I’m gonna have a pour. I owned one bottle of whiskey at that time. I grabbed an ice cube and let the whiskey flow. I sat back on my thrown like a king, took a sip and became the jester. It was hot. Soooo hot! After that I was hooked. I began seeking knowledge bottles, and friends. I love to pair whiskey and other spirits with cigars. I love to make connections and new friends over a drink. Cigar etiquette and culture is fascinating to say the least. It can be as simple or as elaborate as one wants. That’s the best part. Cigars and spirits bring people together. You can usually find me enjoying life to the fullest. Stop by my IG and say hey. -CHEERS-

Brandon Oliver

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