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Hey, Y’all! 

A friend once referred to me as having: “Redneck Ways & Champagne Taste.” I love my old-school staple beers, bourbon and local moonshine. On occasion, I can clean up nicely and enjoy the finer things life has to offer. 

My name is Kevin but my friends call me “Coop!” Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley and currently living in the same small town I went to high school. 

I’m the official day-drinking Redneck of The Old Dominion (@crazynvirginia)—a fan of all things brewed, distilled or fermented. I’ll bring you reviews of items that are on my shelf and other goodies as they come my way. 

Coops Deck Therapy – Whiskey Reviews is the newest madness on NGCS. 

What is Deck Therapy?

This is the quiet time on your deck, porch or patio to enjoy adult beverages and cigars. It’s my time to reflect on what is going on in my world and listen to kick-ass music. 

What makes me qualified to provide you with a review?

My background in the wine, liquor and cigar industries allows me to guide you to that next bottle you need for your collection. Basically, I drink, smoke and relax for your enjoyment. Thanks for reading and let’s get after it! 



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