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They call me “Big Ashes”!
I smoke cigars because I like them. 
Does anything else really matter?

BIG ASHES - Head Bitch in Charge

A Monthly Take on Hot Industry Topics 

Greetings from Long Beach, NY! Home to Don Vito Corleone and Joan Jett, as well as setting to the world’s largest annual Polar Bear Swim (every Superbowl Sunday, raising between 500k and one million dollars annually for the Make a Wish Foundation, come join us in the frigid Atlantic in February!).   
I’m Dr. Bobby Newman, by profession a psychologist and BCBA, specializing primarily in providing support to people diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, as well as people with anxiety and sexual issues. Affectionately (I hope) known as the Dark Overlord of my field, I am the first author on over a dozen books and have published over two dozen articles in professional journals, as well as some popular magazine articles and hosted two series of radio call-in shows. I also provide crisis intervention trainings and help first responders learn to safely interact with people who are having behavioral issues. While I grew up in very modest circumstance in my hometown of Rock Rock Rockaway Beach (for you Ramones fans), I have been lucky enough to travel the world doing this work, providing direct treatment, staff training and consultation, and have been honored for this work by several parents and professional groups. A fitness guy, I am an avid marathoner and obstacle course racer, and used to compete in amateur wrestling and what was supposed to be drug-free bodybuilding. I am dad to an awesome 21 year old young man and have been the poster boy for overachievement in marriage for the past 27 years.
Additional hobbies include Zippos (I have about 200 with very personal meanings in my collection), wristwatches, tattoos, Judeo-Christian and Indigenous beliefs, American founding era history, beer homebrewing, fundraiser events, and kayaking. I will be doing a regular feature on great books, but you’ll see these other interests poke through, and I will be happy to discuss them at length with minimal provocation.

Dr. Bobby Newman 



I’m Dani, an amateur writer sharing my wild stories with the world. I love integrating my fantasies and past experiences into each story, and creating Jordan has been an exciting new chapter in my life.  I love getting lost in a good book, and I hope to give others small moments to escape into.

Feel free to follow me on social media, I’d love to hear from you!


Jordan’s Adventures Sexy Short Stories by Dani

What’s Going on Everybody!!!
My name Is Mel Chmilar Jr or Darkside of the Grill! 
I’m a self-taught Pitmaster and live fire chef, born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.
Im on the Pro Cook Team with Big Green Egg. I work directly with Alberta Beef and I am a KCBS bbq judge to boot! Cooking everything from True Texas style bbq, Argentinian live fire asados or some grilled seafood on the Big Green Egg to a bowl of traditional ramen or a scratch made tandoori chicken with garlic naan.
My passion is food. My love is people. And I play just as hard as I work! Shit man…. Im a Natural Born Griller!
At the tail end of my events or cooks you will catch me somewhere by the pit with a bourbon in one hand and a cigar in the other. It’s simply the perfect way to close out a cook!
I look forward to Meeting you all and showing you my style from the Dark Side Of The Grill

Mel Chmilar Jr.

Darkside of the Grill

Howdy from the centre of the universe, also known as Toronto, Canada! The CN Tower is a world treasure, and I am 100% certain the Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup this year. Joking aside, though I currently make Toronto my home, my roots are in small town Western Canada and I have a particular fondness for Canola fields, the Rocky Mountains, and Ukrainian kubasa.
I admit that I have only smoked a cigar once: On my 21st birthday when my good ol’ pops slammed a stogie in my mouth and declared I was officially an adult. Being somewhat thick in the head at that age, I inhaled all the smoke at once, swallowed some ashes, and promptly got sick and threw up. Rookie mistake I’m told.
But no worries, because I’m primarily here to write about all things health and fitness and I’ll leave the cigars to the experts. As a personal trainer and coach, professional fitness model, bodybuilder, and former Team Canada athlete I have a wealth of experience to share regarding all things exercise and nutrition.
Fitness and healthy living is my vibe, so check in with me for the occasional health info or lifestyle living tips, or else shoot me a message or a “Yeahhhhhhh budday!” on social media.
Keep calm and smoke on folks.

Jon Kassian

Getting Fit With Jon K

I’m a serial hobbyist. I’ve always been chasing the beauty and creativity in life. In my mind, there is no better feeling than being inspired to create something beautiful. Cocktails are my latest obsession. It perfectly complements my other hobbies of collecting, decorating and entertaining. Over the pandemic, I became immersed in cocktail books where I learned the best techniques and concocted the best drinks to ever meet my lips. I enjoy working with the freshest of ingredients, dabbling in the chemistry and mastering the procedural nature of drink making. I love hosting a cocktail night and delighting my guests with gorgeously delicious drinks over great conversation. Seeing their faces light up as I set a drink in front of them and hearing their pleased exclamations after that first sip is just too addictive to ever stop. I’m looking forward to sharing that with all of you here at The NGCS. Cheers!

Stacey Nagy

Stace’s Libations

I’m Veronica from Louisville Kentucky! I have been smoking cigars for around 4 years now and tobacco pipes for 2 years. I am currently studying to be a Tobacconist to further advance my knowledge of something that I love. Though I live in the bourbon state, I don’t pair my cigars with it. In my opinion, nothing beats a dark aged rum or coffee with a stick. I love trying new cigars and giving my opinion, so if you have any you’d like me to try follow me on Instagram and  just send me a message.


Cigar Reviews

I’m Josh Bishop. #bishopapproved and #greatsticksandbetterviews. A random, funny accident started a fun trend online where I take photos with a good view of scenery, my better half and sometimes a friend. I’ve met so many good people in the industry and it’s been a blessing. We like to work hard and play harder. Grew up in Texas and made the move to New England about 3 years ago. I’m in the car business so if you ever need some buying/selling advice please always ask!

Josh Bishop

Cigar Reviews

My name is Des Hammond and I live in Redditch UK. I started smoking cigars in 2013 while I was on vacation in Ibiza. It was a beautiful evening and I was offered a Cohiba; this is what changed my life. Since then I have developed a great love for cigars. When I get to relax and smoke a cigar, I feel like I am tasting the history of generations. A cigar to me is like a motion picture with the most interesting script.
In 2020, I decided to start my own cigar reviews channel called The Cigar Cabin. I wanted to record and share my passion with the world. Reaching out to people with my experiences has become such a great part of my life; there is so much to enjoying a cigar, and often I feel it deep in my heart.
On my free time, I like to share moments with the best gift I could have ever asked for, my 3 1/2 year old son Teddy who is everything to me. As for “me” time… stress is always relieved on the golf course while enjoying a cigar with friends, along with a glass of a smooth amber whiskey.

Des Hammond

Cigar Reviews

Hi, my name is Just and I have been a lifelong film fan (especially but not limited to horror). I have been long-time musician that even dabbled in stage a little bit, I finally got into the film-making scene in 2020 and hope to continue my passion in any way that I can whether it’s writing, producing, directing, or acting. In 2020/2021 I am working with Cheevies Film Productions. As well, I have worked on one project for Breaking Fate Entertainment. I’m planning to further my education in 2021. During the summer months, I run a charity group called Mowing for Heroes that provides free basic lawn care to disabled veterans and first responders.  As far as cigars, I have been smoking for about 18 years now. I also have an extensive pipe collection, switching off between smoking tobacco and using them to smoke the last nub of my cigars (if you haven’t, try this). 
Interests include: anything outdoors (camping, bike riding, shooting etc.), drinking whiskey, sports, cooking, and collecting movies and memorabilia. Family is very important to me and I credit everything I have and give a huge thanks to my beautiful wife and our 5-year-old son.

Justin Bower

Cigars in Cinema

       In addition to his love of cigars, Indian motorcycles, and beautiful women, Rob Otterstatter owns and operates Octane Social House, an experience-based coffeehouse restaurant, which brings people together by sourcing the area’s best food, beverage, entertainment, and education together for the benefit of community improvement. He holds an Ed.D. in educational leadership from Argosy University and is currently working towards opening a new cigar shop, Octane’s Inferno, in central NewYork In addition to his love of cigars, Indian motorcycles, and beautiful women, Rob Otterstatter owns and operates Octane Social House, an experience-based coffeehouse restaurant, which brings people together by sourcing the area’s best food, beverage, entertainment, and education together for the benefit of community improvement. He holds an Ed.D. in educational leadership from Argosy University and is currently working towards opening a new cigar shop, Octane’s Inferno, in central New York.  

Robert Otterstatter

Smokin’ Celebrity Reviews

Hey Y’all!
A friend once referred to me as having: “Redneck Ways & Champagne Taste.” 
I love my old school staple beers, bourbon and local moonshine. On occasion, I can clean up nice and enjoy the finer things life has to offer. 
My name is Kevin but my friends call me “Coop!” Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley and currently living in the same small town I went to high school. 
I’m the official day drinking Redneck of The Old Dominion (@crazynvirginia). A fan of all things brewed, distilled or fermented. I’ll bring you reviews of items that are on my shelf and other goodies as they come my way. 
Coop’s Deck Therapy Whiskey Reviews is the newest madness on NGCS. 
What is Deck Therapy?
This is the quiet time on your deck, porch or patio to enjoy adult beverages and cigars. It’s my time to reflect on what is going on in my world and listen to kick ass music. 
What makes me qualified to provide you with a review?
My background in the wine, liquor and cigar industries, allows me to guide you to that next bottle you need for your collection. Basically I drink, smoke and relax for your enjoyment. 
Thanks for reading and let’s get after it! 
Cheers Y’all! 




Nick Morrison is an Amazon #1 Best selling author, professional musician, composer, teacher, narrator/voice actor, YouTube creator, and actor from Calgary Alberta, Canada. He has toured throughout the United States, Canada and Japan as a guitarist, worked as a session musician, and writer/composer for Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Sony, MTV, ABC, NBC, HGTV, HBO, among others.

He was educated at The Berklee College of Music in Boston Mass, where he studied guitar performance and music business management.

In 2020 he published his first guitar instructional book and continues to bring his simple style instruction to students all around the world through his books and youtube channel with the mission to “Make Music Fun Again”.

Nick Morrison


My name is Sergio Rosario Diaz and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Like cigars, I have a few other passions; I am a professional musician, podcast producer, a Freemason, community leader, and husband to a US Army Officer. Founder of a few projects such as Drums for Veterans and Soy Super Papa, which promotes unifying fathers from all over the world. In the year 2019, I founded Cigars Podcast, the first platform for cigar enthusiasts who speak Spanish, now I travel to different parts of the world interviewing the biggest figures in the tobacco industry. My mission is to bring “The Musical Pairing” to The NGCS which consist of consists things I know best besides women; Cigars, and Music.

Sergio Rosario Diaz


Josh’s biography is a testament to his deep-rooted connection to Miami, his passion for cigars, and his unwavering dedication to exploring and sharing the world of premium tobacco. Born and bred in the vibrant city of Miami, Josh embodies the spirit of the Magic City, where being a native carries a special significance amidst a sea of transplants.

From an early age, Josh found himself drawn to the allure of cigars, influenced by his stepfather, who served as the North American ambassador for Graycliff cigars. While many may have begun their cigar journey with more accessible options, Josh’s introduction to the world of cigars came through the refined taste of premium Graycliffs, setting the stage for his lifelong fascination with the art of cigar smoking. Driven by a desire to expand his palate and knowledge, Josh embarked on a quest to experience a multitude of cigar brands, aiming to become the authority on all things cigars. His mission is not just about personal indulgence but about fostering meaningful conversations and dialogue around the diverse array of cigar offerings. Whether discussing the nuanced flavors of a particular blend or sharing insights into the craftsmanship behind each stick, Josh’s goal is to cultivate a community where every opinion is valued and respected. Josh’s journey in the cigar industry has seen him take on roles as a brand representative for esteemed names like El Septimo, where his dedication was highlighted by his motorcycle adorned with the brand’s logos and colors. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in the development of successful cigar lines, such as his involvement with Oliva, showcasing his keen understanding of consumer preferences and market trends.

At the core of Josh’s ethos lies his motto, “every day’s a holiday, and every night’s a honeymoon,” encapsulating his unwavering passion for the #cigarlifestyle. His mission extends beyond personal enjoyment to a commitment to sharing the joy and camaraderie that comes with the cigar culture. Through his experiences, expertise, and infectious enthusiasm, Josh continues to introduce newcomers to the world of cigars while fostering a sense of community among aficionados worldwide.




Hello everyone! So to introduce myself, my name is John, all my friends call me BIG-JOHN. I have enjoyed smoking cigars since I was eighteen years old. My dad smoked cigars, his dad smoked cigars and it’s just something that has always connected me to my masculine energy. I love all my SOTLs, it’s just for me personally that is what cigars do. I have lived many lifetimes in my short stint on this beautiful blue rock we all call home. I thought I was a rockstar in my late teens up through my mid twenties, but life has a way of changing your trajectory sometimes. I met my lovely wife Nicole and became a domesticated man from my mid twenties into my early thirties. We have two girls together 18 and 14. I had a career during that time that allowed me to travel around the world but it was just not as fulfilling as I had hoped and I hated being away from my wife and kids, coupled with all the stress it was just not for me. I left and started my own construction company doing mostly residential renovations and became very successful. I also gained 100+ pounds and became borderline diabetic with high blood pressure and horrible anxiety to go with it. Somewhere along the way I lost my edge, I lost my way, I lost myself. A few years ago I decided to start taking my mental and physical health seriously. I started my morning meditation routine. I slowly got off all the doctor prescribed medication and rekindled my appreciation of psychedelic mushrooms. I started working my ass off in the gym. Finally I turned my toxic love affair with food into a healthy long term relationship. I sold my company for a very nice sum and was going to try and pursue other ventures but again life has a way of changing your trajectory. I was approached by the owner of a very large construction firm after I sold my company and the offer was just to ridiculous to pass up. I am now a superintendent for that company and travel all over the southeast United States building beautiful restaurants and pretty much anything else you can imagine. I now live life on my terms! I have grown so much over the last few years and I am becoming the best version of myself that I have ever been. The mission has become to help as many other men as I can to find their inner Beast and show them that even in todays world it’s still ok to be a man while at the same time understanding how important mental health and healing are. 

BEASTMODE‼️ is an identifier I like to use now when I am talking about self care. It’s just a fun little thing I started saying to myself along my journey that has helped me a lot.


Be a man!