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Chris LaPointe

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Hey there, welcome to the August addition of Home Builds. This month we are visiting Steve Campbell in Old Town, Maine. Steve posted a few pictures of his miniature house that is his smoking house on the Facebook group and we just had to reach out to him. So, here’s Steve with his Little Smoke House!

I’m Steve Campbell. Im a carpenter for a contractor that builds multi million dollar camps around Mt Desert Island. Me and my boss have a common interest in cigars so I’ve been lucky to get his hand me downs. Like my table top cutter and humidors.

This is my home build. I had previously demolished my old shed and was planning to build another one just like it in the same spot. So, I started collecting left over building materials from the different job sites at work. We always have just enough leftovers for a small project. Suddenly I had a garage full of materials, then I found 5 free windows and a door on the side of the road.

That’s when I knew, it was time to start thinking what this shed will look like. I’ve seen many tiny house shows and thought what a ridiculous idea. You could buy a camper with a bathroom, furnace, and air conditioner for less money and when you change your mind about that lifestyle, trade it in. So then I go and build one.. only mine isn’t a house it’s my man cave. It’s 8 feet wide and 16 feet long. I wanted a greenhouse for my gardening but how often would I use it. So the front half I built a 4×8 greenhouse and the other half is the living space. I built it with the intention of moving it to a piece of property for a future camp. But the problem is, I built it too tall. So it works well as my smoke house.

My cousin came over 1 day with cigars and offered me one. I had never smoked a cigar but remember building a 32 million dollar vacation home and we always knew when the owner was on site from the smell of his Cuban cigars. I thought he was so cool. He seemed classy, walking around looking at his creations, soaking it all in. So when I’m smoking cigars I feel the same way. I like to think of my accomplishments and look at the things I’ve built and created and soak it all in. I’ve only been smoking for about a year now but I really enjoy it. And my little smoke house makes it so much better.

The building, the greenhouse bench and floor are built out of Iron wood, the floor tile is from Italy, I built the ship ladder from Cherry and the countertop is black granite. The greenhouse walls are Eastern White Cedar tongue and groove, the ceilings are nickel gap poplar. Walls are Sheetrock with fiberglass insulation, all ceilings are spray foam insulated. I ran 2 breakers from the sub panel in the garage under ground to my little house. One for outlets the other for lights. I have WiFi, Alexa, a Roku, and an antenna for local tv stations.

I use an electric heater on the cold days and an air conditioner on the hot ones. If it gets too smoky I turn on the oscillating fan in the greenhouse that directs most of the smoke through the decking boards. I put screen down before the boards to keep the bugs out. I also have a solar hinge on the casement window so as it gets warm, the window automatically opens.

I only smoke 3 or 4 cigars a month but like most types of cigars. My favorites are the Nubs, Olivas, and sweet ones like the Leather Rose, and Crazy Alice. This is my home build, I highly recommend building one like it. It makes a terrific space to get away for a smoker.. it could even be used as an Air B&B rental, garden shed, clubhouse, readymade camp, the options are endless.


We hope you enjoyed this months Home Build. If you or someone you know has an amazing and unique home cigar lounge that you think would make a terrific addition to The NGCS and want to be featured in a future article, please send us 2-3 pictures of your home build with a short description/write-up about it.
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