Matt Hatfield

Matt Hatfield

Music Review Columnist

Off The Beaten Path Lance Rogers

I'm an incredibly lucky man because right now my finger seems to beat right on the pulse of real country music. This whole scene of upcoming artists that is gonna blow everyone away. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Kentucky and West Virginia have more talented artists playing and recording on their own right now than Nashville's famous Music Row has had in the last decade combined. High on the list of my personal favorite artists is Kentucky singer-songwriter, Lance Rogers.

Lance is among the greatest storytellers you’ll find anywhere in music. Right off the bat in “Outside The Lines” you can close your eyes and see every single thing he’s talking about. His voice is sure to grab your attention as well. He manages to walk that fine line of being soft spoken yet strong at the same time. His arrangements never overpower his vocals, keeping the story right in the forefront where it belongs. 

His lyrics are second to none. I’ll admit I wiped away tears as I listened to “Was I Always Killing You” for the first time. That’s not something that comes easily for me. And then there is “Flyin’ On Momma’s Feet” which is one of those magical tunes that takes you back in time and has you smiling ear to ear for the entire ride.

Lance is among the most prolific songwriters out there right now. It’s not just quantity either, every song he writes is an absolute gem. He’s currently working on a full length album. Be on the lookout because I have no doubt it’s gonna be one of those records that’ll hit you right in the soul.