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Matt Hatfield

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Off The Beaten Path ‘Walter Debarr’ By Matt Hatfield

Every now and then, if you're lucky, you will come across a songwriter who is so heartfelt in their approach that it stops you dead in your tracks. West Virginia's, Walter Debarr is without a doubt that type of songwriter and artist.

        Walters debut EP ‘We Fall, We Break’ may only be 6-tracks long, but that twenty-two minutes and nine seconds of music conveys a lifetime of love, pain, and lessons learned the hard way. 

        To look at Walter, you’d never believe the incredible raspy baritone that comes out when he starts to sing. I’m really not big on comparing one artist to another as I feel it can be unfair or build the wrong expectations, however if I was forced to compare them I would have to say, Walter is much like Colter Wall in that respect. The first time I heard him sing I thought, “How is that big voice coming from that small body?!”. “We fall and we break and we all make mistakes!” Debarr sings on the EP’s title track. It’s this theme of heartache and redemption that rings so deeply in my heart and I’m sure will connect with yours as well. He’s also a master when it comes to arrangements. Each song stands out on its own, beautiful melodies that don’t overpower the message delivered by the lyrics. 


             “Quicksand” (featuring guest vocals by Sarah Rudy of Hello June) is a perfect example of this balance. If I had to pick a favorite song on the EP, it’d have to be “Oceans”. It is a beautiful song about the deep love between a father and a daughter (which immediately put tears in my eyes and made me hug my own little girl). I sing it to her all the time now and she beams with pride at how much I love her. I owe Walter a lifetime debt of gratitude for these special moments I get to share with her now. Go listen to ‘We Fall, We Break’ and you can thank me later. Walter Debarr’s future in music is as bright as the sun rising over the Appalachian Mountains. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Favorite songs:

“We Fall, We Break”