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Official NGCS Ashtrays – Product Review by El Presidente

Hey everyone, El Presidente here with another edition of Product Reviews.  This ones a little closer to home and special to Susan and I. The First Ladies dad, Michael Gerth, has been a cabinet maker for over 30 years, honing his craft and learning all the tricks of the trade. Then a short while ago, with all of economic changes and everything else going on in the world, he decided to make some serious changes and go into business for himself. Equipped with decades of knowledge and experience and a new CNC rotary machine, Mike started up Legacy Woodworking in Red Deer, Alberta.

It was only natural that Mike and I got to talking about ashtrays for my cigars. He played around with a few different designs and logo placement. Brought a couple of prototypes to me. And then, he had it.. the perfect ashtray. 
No, I’m serious. IT’S FUCKING PERFECT! 
This round one is my personal ashtray. And no I didn’t just snap a picture the day I got it and say, “Hey, check it out!” I put this bad-boy through the ringer. I use this ashtray almost every day. Sometimes three times a day! And the picture you see here above, that was today: November 16, 2021 after about 6 months of use. 
It’s a gorgeous round design made of paduc wood. Paduc is a hardwood that is heavy and strong, and known for it’s remarkable stability. With metal dowels placed to hold the cigars at two spots 180 degrees apart. 
The NGCS logo you see inside the bowl, was precision cut into the wood and then filled with Epoxy and then machined smooth as a babies ass!
This is another design made for us over here at The NGCS. It’s a square, four-stogie ashtray with tapered sides. And it’s gorgeous! 
This one is made out of walnut. Walnut is a beautiful wood in my opinion. Sometimes a single piece can have multiple variations in colors from dark to light and everything in between, making it quite unique. It is also a very hard and stable wood. 
Both of these designs cost approximately $150.00 USD. With an Approx turnaround time of 10 days. 
You can contact Mike at 
To order one for yourself. You can choose whatever wood and stain you’d like. Even play with the color of the epoxy.  It’s totally up to you. 
 OR any other design you might have in mind, he can make it for you! 

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