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Mel Chmilar Jr.

Mel Chmilar Jr.

Darkside of the Grill

Skirt Steaks with Darkside of the Grill

Skirt Steaks with Darkside of the Grill 1

Flame Grilled Skirt Steak Ill tell you right now….. You need to stop on your way home today and grab a skirt 😉

 From The Butcher! 

Skirt steaks are almost a forgotten cut. They are the diaphragm muscle of the beef and have a very obvious and prominent grain which makes them easy to slice! They are a very similar cut to the Flank steak but rather than being oval in shape, they are long and narrow.

Skirt Steaks with Darkside of the Grill 2

While they aren’t an overly tough steak, they do have a bit of a chew to them which is why most people tend to marinade them. 

While they can be served on their own as a proper steak, you would most commonly find them used in dishes such as tacos or stir-frys.

Skirt Steaks with Darkside of the Grill 3

From the Pitmaster! 

After picking up a nice plump and long skirt steak from my butcher! I like to get it started in a house made marinade. Depending what the end outcome for the skirts will be, determines the flavour profile that I choose to suit that dish! Grilled on top of noodles or rice we will go with something Asian. This one is going to be served on tacos so let’s make a Mexican inspired marinade.

Skirt Steaks with Darkside of the Grill 4

Starting with a few fresh squeezed limes right into a Ziplock bag with the skirt steak inside, then we are going to get some crushed garlic cloves .. about 4 should do! Now, lets hit it with some chipotle pepper powder (3 teaspoons) and a sprinkle of sea salt (1/2 teaspoon). If you have chamoy, now is a great time to splash it in there, if not a splash of Clamato/Tomato juice! Squeeze and massage into the meat and let sit in the fridge for at least 4 hours and up to overnight.

Skirt Steaks with Darkside of the Grill 5

Get that grill fired up and hot! 350 degrees! Place the skirt steak indirect and let it sear a bit. We’re looking for an internal temp of 110. Once that’s achieved it’s going over the flames to finish it off! We want to gently char the edges of it while keeping the inside somewhat rare! I would pull this steak at 130 let rest for 5 mins and prepare to slice!

Skirt Steaks with Darkside of the Grill 6

The trick with this steak is to cut the long steak into 6 inch sections then slice the long way across the grain! This will yield you a nice bite that’s not too chewy and easy to toss into a taco! This steak is so beefy and amazing it’s hard to keep long enough to use as a meal! You will see when you grab a bit right off the cutting board, I bet you can’t eat just one!

Skirt Steaks with Darkside of the Grill 7

For my tacos weather it’s corn or wheat I like to heat them up on the flames! Toss that steak In there with a splash of hot sauce, some cotija cheese crumbles, fresh cut red onions, cilantro and a crema to take it home! Trust me this summer dish will have you making skirt steak a regular thing in your house!

Thanks for following along and make sure you start getting into those Skirts! 

Mel Chmilar Jr