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Hi there and welcome to the May edition of the NGCS’ Home Build. This month we are on the road in Alton, Illinois... literally. This is a unique Home Build and our first ever cigar trailer. Our friend Mike Weller, owner of AP Cigar Co. (5+ years) and recently acquired Table 36 Cigars, created this awesome traveling cigar trailer. So without further ado, here is Mike!

The AP Cigar Trailer started about 4 years ago when I read online that a guy down the street from me got 10 years for the Making and Distribution of methamphetamine. His mom has all of his old stuff up for sale, without waiting I hop in the truck and went to his house to purchase this camper. I flashed some cash and she even produced a title for it, which was amazing that they had one!
I brought the camper to my shop AP Cigars (501 E Airline Dr., East Alton, Illinois) and worked on it between customers buying cigars from me. I envision this trailer as a traveling cigar shop so I could bring my business, AP Cigars, with me whenever I went to events and the like.

A good friend of mine and a talented artist and sculptor suggested doing a cigar on the roof so everyone knew what we sold when we were set up so he started on that as I started on the inside.
It took us both about a year to get it all done.
The cabinets open to display shelves and the center section was left open for ventilation on the hot days.
Since it’s 3 years old it’s definitely due for a repaint and currently the cigar is being reconstructed and made even stronger.

I love having a good time and feel like bringing the AP Trailer out definitely increases the fun for everyone around. It’s always a hit, everyone around enjoys seeing this old camper at car shows, bike rally’s, and even the mud park! So if you’re ever in or around Illinois, keep your eyes open for the AP Cigar trailer.
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We hope you enjoyed this months Home Build. If you or someone you know has an amazing and unique home cigar lounge that you think would make a terrific addition to The NGCS and want to be featured in a future article, please send us 2-3 pictures of your home build with a short description/write-up about it.
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