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Chris LaPointe

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 Hello and Welcome to 
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I am Chris LaPointe (AKA El Presidente) and as the Co-Founder of NGCS I would like to welcome you and briefly explain who we are and what we have to offer you here every month with your NGCS Subscription.
We wanted to create a magazine that reaches out to the every day working man and woman. Unlike most other cigar magazines that seem to ignore the 95% of cigar smokers that aren’t looking for high-end fancy watches and gold lighters, we want to bring you a magazine that resonates with you and your lifestyle!
We have a whole team of writers covering everything from your Cigar Reviews and visiting Lounges across America. A Fitness Expert giving you workout and nutritional advice. Celebrity Smoker Reviews. Chefs recipes and Food and Drinks reviews. Also our monthly addition of “Miss Smokin’ (Month)” model photo spread!
Our articles will drop periodically throughout each month instead of all at once, so make sure you visit back often to catch all the happenings here at NGCS.
We also have an interactive Forum where you can log on and talk, argue or simply share your own cigars, drinks or whatever else you want to!
From all of us here at NGCS,
We hope you enjoy our magazine.
Sincerely ,
El Presidente

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