HOME BUILDS: The Stone Castle

Hello everyone, this months HOME BUILDS is a special one, my friend Leo Stone from Illinois has been a huge follower and fan of The NGCS since it’s beginning. Over the past few months Leo has been chatting with me and submitting pictures to me as he could, all while fighting for his health. Sadly, Leo passed away on November 3, 2022 before we got a chance to finalize a few things. With the help from our mutual friend Mike Weller, I hope this tribute to Leo will make him look down and smile. So without further ado, here is Leo Stone and The Stone Castle..

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HOME BUILDS – Robert Otterstatters

Hey everyone, Chris here, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Home Builds feature up here! (Email Chris@theNGCS.com if you have a Home Build you’d like to feature) For this feature we are in Auburn, New York visiting our friend and Smokin’ Celebrity Review writer, Robert Otterstatters Home Build. Let’s hand it over to Rob…

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Home Builds – The McFarland Parlor

Merry Christmas and welcome to the December edition of The NGCS’ Home Builds. This month we are showcasing a beautiful home parlor in North Carolina, owned by Charles McFarland. Our good friend Steven Gorter will be giving us a tour of The McFarland Parlor. Without further ado, here is Steve.

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Little Smoke House

Hey there, welcome to the August addition of Home Builds. This month we are visiting Steve Campbell in Old Town, Maine. Steve posted a few pictures of his miniature house that is his smoking house on the Facebook group and we just had to reach out to him. So, here’s Steve with his Little Smoke House!

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The AP Cigar Trailer – Home Builds

Hi there and welcome to the May edition of the NGCS’ Home Build. This month we are on the road in Alton, Illinois... literally. This is a unique Home Build and our first ever cigar trailer. Our friend Mike Weller, owner of AP Cigar Co. (5+ years) and recently acquired Table 36 Cigars, created this awesome traveling cigar trailer. So without further ado, here is Mike!

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Home Builds – Buck Bar

Welcome to the April edition of the NGCS’ Home Builds. This month we are headed all the way to Grand Junction, Colorado to visit our friend and NGCS supporter, Bobby Howell and his Home Build; The Buck Bar. This is our first “freestanding” Home Build feature in the NGCS and it’s one I feel personally attached to as a freestanding “Smoke Shack” is what I have for my own indoor smoking area. This bar pays a beautiful tribute to Bobby’s late father-in-law, Buck. So, let’s hand these reins over to Bobby and let him take everyone on a tour of The Buck Bar!

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Home Builds – Septic Room

Welcome to March 2021 edition of the NGCS’ Home Builds. This month we are headed back to the American Midwest to visit Lefty Karropoulos’ creatively named lounge; The Septic Room. Lefty has built one of the most awesome walk-in home-humidors I have ever seen. And his lounge and bar area are top notch as well. Ever since the first time I seen his humidor and talked to Lefty, I knew he would be a feature in the NGCS Online Cigar and Lifestyle Magazine. So without further ado, here is Lefty and The Septic Room.

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The Green Dragon Speakeasy

Welcome to the February edition of NGCS’ Home Builds. This month we are traveling all the way to Portland, Oregon to visit Jesse Guerrero’s home lounge, creatively named; The Green Dragon Speakeasy. Jesse is a fan of The NGCS and has been active on the Facebook group for sometime. When we at NGCS seen Jesse posting pictures of his gorgeous lounge we knew it needed it’s own special feature right here in The Official Online Magazine! Below, Jesse will walk you through ‘The Green Dragon Speakeasy’:

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